Create Faster Content Briefs with Content Outliner

Create the perfect content outline for content briefs in less than 60 seconds

With the Content Outliner Chrome Extension, you can create the perfect outline in less than 60 seconds.

Ever thought:
- Have I missed anything?
- How could the writer not mention X, Y, Z?
- I should have written this myself!

4 steps to creating the perfect content outline:

1. Search your topic in Google
2. Content Outliner grabs the H1s, H2s, and H3s from the results on page 1 of Google
3. Select the headings you want to copy into your content outline/brief and click "Copy"
4. Paste the outline into your brief and rearrange headings to suit

It saves you visiting 10 pages in Google and reviewing competitors' content structure.

Grab it here.


- Select and copy headings you want to

- Grabs the People Also Ask Questions from Google.

- Displays a word count for each page in the search results.

- Visit any web page and see the word count displayed in the extension icon.

- Visit any web page and copy its heading structure directly.

This will help you optimise your team of writers and editors to figure out what the structure of the next piece of content should be.

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