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SEO Services
Long Term Campaigns

Fully Managed SEO

With our retainer based engagements we are goal orientated. SEO is a long-term game, and we believe in playing long-term games with long-term people, so all long term SEO services require a 12-month contract.

A personalised long term SEO plan provides tailored SEO strategies giving you the opportunity for the highest ROI and fantastic results. We don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions when it comes to SEO. When you work with us, you can count on custom, aggressive SEO strategies that will increase your organic traffic.
Actionable Technical Audits

In-depth Auditing

Get on top of your technical SEO with professional proven technical SEO recommendations. In-depth auditing, using the best SEO tools with prioritised actions and easy to follow actions.

A thorough technical SEO audit using site crawl analysis, Google Analytics and Google Search Console comprise a powerful combination for SEO analysis.No stone is left unturned and the recommendations will help solve all issues faced by your site.

Prioritised findings are delivered through the audit document and the accompanying data, which is delivered to you via video conference.
Content Audits

Proven and Actionable

We have worked with hundreds of companies to dramatically increase their traffic and revenue. One of the first places we starts is an in-depth website content audit.

Using over a dozen different tools and manual investigation we asses each page and turn all of that information into actionable intelligence that will improve organic traffic.
Redesigns and Migrations

Avoid SEO Disaster During a Redesign or Migration

Planning SEO during a redesign or migration can be the difference between launch success or failure.

Site migrations, domain name changes, CMS migrations, and other forms of large-scale URL migrations bring serious risk if not managed properly from an SEO perspective.

Thorough planning, research, precise execution, and then extensive tracking we can ensure a site migration goes smoothly.

What clients are saying.

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“Diligent, tenacious and also realistic. It took us a short while to get our heads into the language of the SEO world, and to understand why - but through in person meetings, video chats and online collaborative tools we’ve done it.

I would absolutely recommend Growth Trip to other companies.”

Vic Grimshaw, Delicious

“Barry isn’t just a marketing specialist. He focuses on understanding customer desires, motivations and behaviours.

He has helped improve our SEO enormously, and run PPC campaigns effectively, but behind that is the time he has taken to get that critical understanding, which sets him apart.”

Matthew Gerry, Immediate Media

“Growth Trip equipped us with tools and techniques that have translated into massive growth in organic search over the last eight months. Our content now regularly ranks on the first page of Google. What sets them apart is their genuine dedication to helping us improve our SEO.

If you get a chance to work with Growth Trip, take it.”

Jeremy Howell, Art & Object
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