SEO Sprints Methodology

Say hello to a simple and cost-effective solution hitting goals without expensive and long-term contracts.

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Strategy Sprint

Deep technical SEO and competitive audits to uncover the SEO Strategy and your path to growth.

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Content Sprint

Focusing efforts on the right pages, keywords and competitors to outline the content needed for your website.

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Authority Sprint

Getting featured links from relevant websites to build trust with Google and outperform the competition.

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What are SEO Sprints
1. What Are Sprints Exactly?
We took a complex SEO service and boiled it down to a set of simple processes to make it scalable and repeatable. Servicing the same type of clients with the same type of needs allows us to deliver predictable and satisfying results over and over and over again.
2. Why SEO Sprints?
Having worked with large and small websites over the last 12 years, some clients didn't want (or need) a 6-12 month SEO engagement. I knew there was a more efficient way. For two reasons:
Firstly, why spread SEO research and strategy over 3 months when it can be done in one month? 
Secondly, some clients have the internal resource and team to execute the SEO Strategy and insights and purely need the direction, research and strategy.
3. How Did We Do It?
What we did is we unpackaged that 12-months project plan and turned it into Sprints. Now we can look at your website’s current state and tell what deliverables you need over the short term based on your website's current situation and your resources.
4. How Do You Benefit From Sprints?
You can hire us for as many Sprints as you need without the risk of getting trapped into the contract. Your marketing plan has changed? Not a problem, let’s move that content sprint two months later and focus solely on link building or pause our service until you are ready to get back to SEO again. Easy.
5. What does a typical SEO Sprint Roadmap look like?
Some clients have the in house resources to execute on most or all of the an SEO strategy and need deliverables like audits and insights to inform them how to grow their organic traffic. Below would be a typical SEO Sprint roadmap where the client needed the analysis and insights and SEO training for their content and web development team so they could execute over the coming months.
6. Are these the only SEO deliverables you can provide?
Nothing is set in stone and each sprint is tailored to your needs.
7. What determines the final cost?
The pricing factors change depending on the deliverable but broadly speaking things like a technical audit are based on the number of pages on your website and something like keyword research is based on the size of your niche. There is a minimum SEO Sprint value of £2,000.

Traditional SEO vs. SEO Sprints

Old Way

Marathon mindset
No transparency
Confusing roadmap
Expensive long-term contracts

New Way

Sprint mindset
Transparent SEO score dashboard
Clear SEO roadmap
Fast, trackable results
Ready. Set. Sprint.

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